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Here you can choose from a nice selection of;

Scented Oils, Incense: Cones & Sticks, Scented Bar Soaps, Scented Body Oils, Perfume Resins, Perfume Solids, Incense Burners, Electric Aroma Lamps, Keepsake Boxe & Copper Bracelets

Host an Aroma Theraphy Home Party. It cost you nothing! It last an hour or less. Your guest earn 20% of your orders subtotal in Merchandise Dollars and you earn 35% of your orders subtotal for hosting the party. 

Call 540-400-0376 24/7. Leave your name and phone number and a day and time I can call you back to set your party date.

Note: Party hosting is for all residents living no more than 30 miles outside of Roanoke City. If you want to host a party and you leave outside the miles shown above. Get a friend, family member or co-worker that lives inside the 30 mile limit to have it at their house.

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