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SPECIAL NOTICE: I have deleated my Contack Us button because of 100's of Non-related website request I get everyday. If you need to contact me call 540-400-0376, 9am - 7pm / Monday thur Friday EST.  Leave your name & number and your message for either getting a larger ring size & price and or larger quantities of Ready-Made button designs or any other concerns or questions you may have. I Thank You for your understanding concerning this matter. 




If you see any item and the information does not match. Call me and leave me the page & item # so I can fix it, Thanks. Use the phone # above.

Use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Debit or Credit Card to cash order.


NOTICE: Due to Corvid 19, shipping will take longer then my estimated shipping time stated on our website because of the shipping companies reduced work force.

Shipping Cost: Choose the one or ones you will be using.

Sterling Silver: Economy Rate: 5.99

Buttons & Toys: Standard Flate Rate: $8.99

Gold: $30.00 Air Service

When ordering Sterling Silver, choose Economy Rate

When ordering Buttons and or Toys, choose Standard Flat Rate

When ordering Gold, choose Air Service 

The shipping fees apply to an individual order of any of the above selections.


 Financing - Jewelry & Toys only please.

You can apply to Pay Pal for possible financing.  Click on *see terms* on the Banner above.

Layaway - is for jewelry & toys only and is done through the use of your checking account debit card. Should you decide to use my layaway plan. You are agreeing to the terms for layaway below.

You can choose up to 12 months.

If you want to use layaway call 540-400-0376 leave your name and number and I will call you back to take your layaway order. Remember my # so you will answer when I call you.

Layaway Terms

1. I michael P. Tate, Sr. will charge your checking account debit card for your monthly layaway payment on the monthly date we have agreed upon.

2. The number of monthly payment charges will be charged on the monthly date you specified and we agreeded upon.

3. You agree not to get a new debit card and then cancel the debit card information you submitted to me to make your monthly layaway payments.  

4. You agree to have in your checking account enough money to allow for your layaway debit card monthly payment charge that I will be making to process successfully on the payment due date you and I agreed upon. 

5. If any monthly debit card layaway payment charge does not process successfully, a failed payment attempt, payment charge fee of $15.00 will be added to your layaway account balance each time that happens. If there are three consectutive back-to-back failed debit card charge attemps. I Michael P. Tate, Sr., the owner of mickaelsjewelry.com and Michaels Jewelry will then cancel your layaway order, and any money paid will be refunded minus a layaway holding fee of 15% of all monthy payment charges actually processed, plus the three (3) $15.00 late payment fee for each un-successful debit card monthly layaway payment charge attempt.

6. Once you give me, Michael P. Tate, Sr. approval of your layaway seletion(s), and your selection and or selection is confirmed in-stock and then ordered. You can not cancel that layaway order as my supplier will not take that item or items back unless there is physical evidence that there is something wrong with that item or items. You will however have 24 hours after I take your layaway order selection(s) to cancel your layaway before any debit charge action takes place. And all information given to me will be destroyed. If you decide to proceed witn another layaway attempt, all information will have to be resubmitted to me.

7. Once I get your selection in, I check all items very carefully to make sure your selection(s) are free from defects before shipment to you.

Drop Down Menus

When you click on the choose a length or price drop down menu and it does not drop down. Click off of it and try again. Keep doing this until the drop down menu come down.

Terms and Conditions for Merchandise Replacement

I Michael P. Tate, Sr. owner of Michael's Jewelry and mickaelsjewelry.com will replace any item once/onetime if returned to me in sellable condition within 30 days of the shipment date. This merchandise replacement does not cover items that are scratched, bent, have missing stones and or broken parts, missing parts and or apparant abuse of returned item(s). Button items are not covered by these replacements Terms and Conditions. I Very, Very carefully inspect all Button items to insure all buttons are perfectly made before shipment to you.


Your Computer Order Form Signature Agreement.

I agree to let Michael P. Tate, Sr., owner of Michaels Jewelry and mickaelsjewelry.com type my full name in the space provided on his companies computer generated Order Form and that will be my signed signature authorizing him to proceed with processing my order. A copy of this order form will be included with my order.


Liability Disclaimer

Michael P. Tate, Sr., the owner of Michael's Jewelry and mickaelsjewelry.com assumes No Responsibility and or Liability for anything that may happen and or occur to the person that orders merchandise from Michaels Jewelry's website and or from any Michael's Jewelry Aroma Theraphy Church  Fundrasier. Michael P. Tate, Sr. owner of Michael's Jewelry and mickaelsjewelry.com will not be Responsible and or Liable for anything that may happen to the customer ordering any merchandise from me and or anyone receiving any of the merchandise from  an ordering customer who may then give that item or items as a gift, prize or as compensation of any kind and or for any reason and or in any other form, fashion or manner.


Picture View

ALWAYS click on any picture for the correct view of the picture and all information about the item. To make the page and items easier to see and read. Click on the Wheel beside the star at the top right of your screen and select a higher zoom from the drop down menu.


Don't forget to check out my Button Making Service. Click on the Button Making Service button for full details and to check out the COOL Ready-Made Designs I offer.


If after placing an order using your credit or debit card and I find out that the item or items are not available (out of stock or discountinued). I will call and text you to see if you want to change your item(s) selection(s). If no I will do a charge back to your card account within 3 to 5 business days.


7-10 Business Days After Order Shippment. These days does not include Saturday & Sunday.

Michaels Jewelry and mickaelsjewelry.com reserves the right to fix any text and or word descriptions, pricing amounts, pictures and or make any other changes as I see fit that may have been posted on my website due to human error. 

I Thank You for visiting my website and your order(s). 

Keep in mind. If you can't get financing with Pay Pal, you can get it through my Layaway Plan. No Credit Check, No Problem!

Sincerely, Michael P, Tate, Sr.
Michael's Jewelry & mickaelsjewelry.com
1010 Staunton Ave / Roanoke, Va. 24017


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